Katarzyna Malawska


She completed her legal studies and attorney-at-law training in Katowice as well as postgraduate studies at the University of Warsaw in the field of capital market law and intellectual property law (copyright law, trademark law, patent law, combating unfair competition, protection of personal rights).

She gained her professional experience in the attorney-at-law law firm and as the in-house lawyer in companies operating in the railway, aviation and publishing sectors.

As the in-house lawyer, she has supported the company’s bodies in cases related to the company’s current operations, including:

  • provision of corporate services for the benefit of the limited liability company and the public joint stock company (New Connect Alternative Trading System of the Warsaw Stock Exchange) by supporting the company’s bodies in cases of commercial law and fulfilling information obligations of the ATS participant;
  • preparation, issuing opinions and negotiations of agreements;
  • labour law and representation in labour disputes;
  • copyright and press law

On a daily basis, she deals with the provision of current legal services for the companies, including contracts, labour law, intellectual property law, personal data protection, GDPR, as well as support for entrepreneurs in other sectors (e.g. due diligence in company acquisition transactions).

She has published articles on labour law and GDPR.

Katarzyna Malawska Bg

Katarzyna Malawska

billiards, rock'n'roll and the Netherlands

Relaxation for me involves rock concerts and playing billiards. I love to travel. I spent a few months on an internship in the Netherlands and I still go back there regularly.
There is no word such as ‘problem’ in my dictionary. There is only a ‘challenge’. Both at work and in private life I am always open to new experiences. Because to experience is to develop.