Paulina Cymerska


She is currently studying management.

For over a year she has been supporting a family business where she holds the position of a junior real property manager. She participates in all meetings with the Clients and helps to find optimal solutions in every situation. She also supports the implementation of new technologies. She has been working for the Law Firm for several years. Her duties include customer service and assistance to each of employees. She tries to provide answers to all questions and nothing can hide from her. She motivates the team by making a wide smile just after crossing the threshold. She tries to be a positive spirit of the office. There are no impossible things for her.

Paulina Cymerska Bg

Paulina Cymerska

head in the clouds

Social butterfly helping everyone who needs it. Always ready for action. She loves to spend time at home, just looking up at the sky, watching series or reading a book. She sings and searches for new music. She likes travelling – preferably spontaneous trips. During warm weekends she indulges in water sports. She is also interested in fashion and interior design.