A carefully selected team of specialists allows for comprehensive solutions to problems that our customers face on a daily basis. Our lawyers work in a wide range of industries. Whether your cases are focused on one issue or intersect with other areas, we create the most effective and efficient teams to meet your expectations, always keeping your goals and benefits in mind.

Employment and Social Security

Our lawyers provide comprehensive support in the field of labour law and social security law, in particular for entrepreneurs employing employees.

  • We draw up and give our opinion on drafts of, among others, employment contracts, management contracts, work regulations, remuneration regulations or non-competition agreements;
  • We represent employers in litigation related to employees’ claims, as well as those arising on the grounds of violation of competition prohibition by employees;
  • We advise our Clients on legal termination of employment contracts with employees;
  • We take care to ensure that our clients fulfil their obligations under social security law and clarify any interpretation concerns arising from the interpretation of the related regulations;
  • We give our opinion on actions taken by the employer related to employing Polish employees abroad and foreigners in Poland and their compliance with labour law and social security law;
  • We took part in many proceedings, as a result of which insurance products developed with our participation were approved by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.