A carefully selected team of specialists allows for comprehensive solutions to problems that our customers face on a daily basis. Our lawyers work in a wide range of industries. Whether your cases are focused on one issue or intersect with other areas, we create the most effective and efficient teams to meet your expectations, always keeping your goals and benefits in mind.

Real Estate & Construction

For many years we have been providing comprehensive services to leading Polish real estate and construction companies, starting from the stage of drafting design agreements to the completion and full settlement of construction works. Our lawyers have co-implemented significant investment projects, including the construction of large shopping centres, subways, production plants, housing estates and office investments.

  • We draw up contracts for the execution of investment projects and their financing;
  • We prepare and give our opinion on contracts within the investment and construction process as well as developer contracts;
  • We develop innovative solutions to non-standard problems resulting from the implementation of construction projects;
  • We represent our Clients before courts in disputes related to design works and construction works.


Krzysztof Wójcik

Head of department