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Warsaw Chamber of Commerce

For years, we have been a substantive partner of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce (WIG), actively participating in the organization’s activities and assisting affiliated entrepreneurs. Together we organize training courses and workshops, participate in conferences and fairs co-organized by the WIG, which are helpful in the day-to-day running of the company, as well as provide legal advice when needed.

Since 1990, the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce has been building strong economic self-government in the region of the City of Warsaw, in order to represent the interests of affiliated entrepreneurs with dignity. It supports affiliated companies in their efforts to increase competitiveness in the global market. The goal of the WIG is to support the development of entrepreneurship and to build a competitive and innovative economy in our region and the country. Membership in the Chamber provides the opportunity to establish fruitful business contacts, expand markets, as well as improve the competence of the staff. We warmly encourage all companies from Warsaw and the surrounding area to join the largest chamber of commerce in Mazovia.


Family Enterprise Initiative

Together with Grabowski i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych, we are a strategic partner of the Family Enterprise Initiative (IFR) Association in the field of law and succession in family businesses. Our partnership for the Association and IFR members means substantive legal support, knowledge, and experience provided by our lawyers and advisors during meetings, webinars, and workshops. Together we work on friendly legislation, legal and tax environment for Polish family businesses.

The Association was established in 2008 in Warsaw on the initiative of individuals representing business, academic and expert communities. IFR is the largest and oldest organization representing the environment of family businesses, bringing together about 500 entrepreneurs from all over Poland. The Association’s mission is to support economic freedom, the rule of law, and civil society, of which the family business community is a pillar. One of the main goals is the integration and exchange of experiences in the environment, including the promotion of the philosophy and maintenance of the legacy of entrepreneurship in the hands of future generations.


The Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry

The Chamber of the Gas Industry (IGG), established in 2003, represents the economic interests of its member companies before the national state, local government, and social authorities, as well as scientific and economic institutions, and foreign bodies and institutions, including the EU. IGG participates in the creation and amendment of legal acts relevant to the gas industry, as well as develops industry expert reports, analyses, and studies to help develop strategic energy market programs.

A key area of interest for IGG experts is the European Green Deal – an action plan for a sustainable and zero-carbon economy in the European Union. IGG organizes training courses nad conferences. The most important of these are the Congress of the Polish Gas Industry and the Expo-Gas Gas Technology Fair, organized jointly with the Kielce Trade Fair.

IGG undertakes activities in the field of technical safety and occupational safety. IGG is the organizer of MBA studies, conducted in cooperation with GFKM and a French validation institution. Since 2004 IGG is the publisher of the quarterly “Gas Review”.

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Korea Trade Insurance Corporation

Korea Trade Insurance Corporation was established in July 1992 upon the Trade Insurance Act for the goal of promoting trade and overseas investment of Korean enterprises with the mission to boost national competitiveness. K-SURE develops various trade insurance products and value-added services with the aim to contribute to the promotion of Korean exports as well as international trade on a broader scope to proactively deal with a constantly changing environment of global trade.

As of September 2022, the number of K-SURE employees stands at a total of 804, who work out of the head office in Seoul and 18 domestic branches with one local representative in Korea, in addition to 21 representative offices abroad.

Together with K-SURE, we provide comprehensive support at the time of executing international transactions due to which the Polish market gains an advantage. We help to obtain the necessary import insurance due to which the forwarding business, especially of entities cooperating on international markets, proves to be safe.​

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DEBTUS is a debt collection company specializing in international debt collection. Since 2003 Debtus successfully operates in the international debt collection market, with a proven track record starting in 1995. Debtus owes its strong professional position mainly to: highly qualified and experienced specialists, the presence of local representatives on foreign markets, and strong mediation and negotiation skills. Their vision is supported by knowledge and many years of experience in international debt collection and a network of proven partners. The global perspective of this activity promotes diversity and respect for different ways of working and, at the same time, facilitates access to the highest quality debt collection services for all participants of both international and local markets as well as state administration.

Since 2010 Debtus is a member and co-owner of the leading global alliance of debt collection agencies, TCM Group International – which allows us to operate locally in 150 countries around the world.

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TCM Group

Together with our partner Debtus, we are a member of TCM Group International – a leading global alliance of debt collection companies and law firms. Hubert Czapinski (partner at Brillaw) – is the founder and owner of Debtus and for many years served as CEO of TCM Group International Ltd.

Members of the TCM Group International are present in 167 countries on 6 continents. TCM Group’s aim is to operate close to the debtor. Since 1987 TCM Group International ensures the highest quality of service and the highest ethical standards. All TCM Group global partners are well-established operators and are recognized as market leaders in their countries through their strict adherence to all legislative and compliance requirements thereby providing our clients with a world-class experience.

Over 13 years of experience and active presence in the market of debt collection make us and Debtus a reliable, professional partner to whom you can entrust even the most difficult case.


Grabowski i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych

The practice of Grabowski i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych covers all areas of business law, with particular emphasis on corporate law, securities and capital market law, banking and finance law, real estate and investment law, and intellectual property law. The firm’s team specializes in succession processes, including ownership structuring and transactions among family businesses. Advice from the team of legal advisors and attorneys includes advising private clients on personal matters, including personal property.

Our law firms cooperate in providing extensive advice to private companies, including family businesses, on succession processes and legal and tax aspects of succession. The uniqueness of experience and knowledge of the members of the law firm’s teams is a combination that leads to a comprehensive and professional consulting service dedicated to family business owners and their families. Together with GWLAW, we are a strategic partner of the Family Enterprise Initiative Association.

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Abroretum Group

The Arboretum is a Competence Group with extensive consulting experience, built on practice in supporting family businesses in their safe development. Their work covers all aspects of the business and family space, including, above all, sensitive areas. They promote compatibility and unity between family business owners and their family members through, inter alia:

  • developing the concept of management and ownership in family businesses;
  • implementation of thoughtful and effective solutions to maintain business continuity and functionality as well as property security;
  • improvement of the existing organization in terms of family and managerial order;
  • assistance in introducing safe succession mechanisms.

The Arboretum’s team, in collaboration with renowned consultants, are developing a coherent security system ensuring not only the administrative “immortality” of the company.

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"Stand with Ukraine" Foundation

Non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to bring humanitarian aid and rebuild Ukraine, help refugees and war victims, as well as support the integration of Ukrainian migrants into Polish society and build strong ties between Poland and Ukraine.

As a volunteer-based social initiative, the NGO has been operating since 2013. The Foundation was founded in May 2022 by Natalia Panchenko – a social activist, leader of the Ukrainian diaspora in Poland, human rights defender and winner of the SheOAwards in the “Activist of the Year 2022” category. The organization was created through the cooperation of a group of volunteers and activists working on behalf of Ukraine and Ukrainian migrants in Poland.

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WeSub, the subscription-based sales specialist. The WeSub Group is a consulting firm that specializes in assisting businesses that wish to develop their sales thanks to a subscription economy. They work with local and European companies every day to implement subscription plans in their business model.

The subscription-based sales model has allowed many businesses in various sectors such as fashion, IT, automotive, construction, finance and electronics to increase their revenues and secure their business. WeSub teams are composed of experts that have a deep understanding of the subscription economy and who already cooperate with more than 80 suppliers and partners throughout Europe.


Rent Up

RentUp creates proprietary tools to add B2C subscriptions to your offerings. As part of the WeSub group, it works to develop and promote the subscription economy in the Polish and foreign markets. It works with manufacturers, suppliers, and resellers of items such as electronics, furniture, electric vehicles, photographic equipment, cosmetic and industrial equipment. A subscription is a subscription to the best technology. Access to it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Together with Rent Up, we help our customers meet their need for continuously modern IT equipment. You benefit from the best equipment thanks to the low installment of the lease contract. At the end of the contract, you replace your existing equipment with the new one!



KodiTech comes in where the entrepreneur has a need and he/she does not have sufficient funds to purchase a machine or equipment. They are also a solution for those who could purchase equipment but appreciate the advantages of short- and long-term leasing. KodiTech offers an innovative financial intermediation service between the supplier of fixed assets and the buyer who wants to expand the capabilities of his company.

With a personalized approach to each client and simple procedures, KodiTech is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs and a competitor to banks. As part of the WeSub group, it works to develop and promote the subscription economy in the Polish and foreign markets.

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Our law company is proud to be a partner of Debitura debt collection agency. Debitura was established by a team of seasoned experts in the debt collection industry who recognized a need for a better way to collect debts from clients abroad. With over 40 years of combined experience in the collection industry and a global presence spanning 3 different continents, Debitura’s team have worked with some of the largest collection agencies in the world, and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their services. Debitura’s network of over 500 local attorneys specializing in debt collection ensures global coverage and personalized solutions for every client.

If you require debt collection assistance, we highly recommend working with Debitura and leveraging their expertise to help recover outstanding debts.

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BUZZcenter – is a family consulting company led by Kamila Kierzek-Mechło and Radosław Mechło, which supports entrepreneurs in sales development, image building, and business scaling. They implement activities to help them grow, including business development strategy, building business models, expansion into foreign markets, marketing strategy, sales strategy, market and competition analysis, and strategic consulting. Based on analysis and data, the BUZZcenter team helps you make sound business decisions.

We met with BUZZcenter in 2021 at events organized by the Family Enterprise Initiative Association, and since then we have had the pleasure of working together and complementing each other. Highly recommended, the BUZZcenter team will help you reign in your business strategy and marketing.

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Guangdong Jielv Law Firm

Guangdong Jielv Law Firm was established in June 2016, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, under the judicial supervision of the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China, and is a member of the China Lawyers Association. Law Firm focuses on providing one-stop solutions for customers outside China to provide legal advice to China and understand business sales channels. Its business covers physical trade consulting, investment consulting, project consulting, project investment docking, cross-border collection, asset allocation, tax planning, etc.

Their one-stop legal advisory service helps overseas customers reduce costs efficiently when dealing with Chinese inland merchants. Guangdong Jielv Law Firm helps overseas customers better develop their product competitiveness in the Chinese market, expand their sales share, and reduce the cost of procurement and post-service.

Since November 2023 our law firms cooperate under the memorandum of understanding.


Our Clients can always rely on us and gain a competitive edge by acting locally, nationally and globally. There are no limits for us. With your goal in mind, we cooperate with trusted translators, experts and law firms in the world.