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LEAD supports companies from diverse industries by sharing our Knowledge, expertise & network to enable their success with a smoother business Journey in the UAE.


Grabowski i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych

The practice of the Law Firm of Attorneys-at-law involves all areas of commercial law with particular emphasis on corporate law, securities law and capital market law, banking law and financial law, real property law and investment law and intellectual property law. The law firm’s team specialises in succession processes, including ownership structuring and transactions among family businesses. The counselling services provided by the team of attorneys-at-law and attorneys includes the counselling for the benefit of private Clients on personal cases, including personal property. Brillaw by Mikulski & Partners law firm and Grabowski i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych sp.k. cooperate in the field of broadly understood counselling for the benefit of private companies, including family businesses in succession processes and tax law aspects in succession. The uniqueness of experience and knowledge of the members of the law firm’s teams form a combination leading to a comprehensive and professional counselling service dedicated to the owners of family businesses and their families.

Warsaw Chamber of Commerce

Due to the cooperation with the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce we help the associated entrepreneurs! We organise trainings, participate in conferences co-organised by the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce which are helpful in the daily running of the company as well as we provide legal counselling service when needed.


Family Business Initiative Association

BRILLAW Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Mikulski & Partnerzy and Grabowscy i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych sp.k are an exclusive Strategic Partner of the Family Business Initiative (IFR) in the field of law and the laws in progress.

Our Partnership stories about the transfer of legal rights, information that will be provided and during meetings, webinars and information, experience to share with lawyers in the form of message. Together we’ll act and act in the similar solutions in the draft of law on the family fundation.

Rent Up

Together with Rent Up we help our Clients to fulfil their demand for constantly modern IT equipment. You use the best equipment due to a low instalment under the lease agreement. After the agreement comes to an end, you replace your existing equipment with the new one!


Abroretum Group

The Arboretum is a Competence Group with extensive consulting experience, built on practice in supporting family businesses in their safe development.

Their work covers all aspects of the business and family space, including, above all, sensitive areas.

They promote compatibility and unity between family business owners and their family members through, inter alia:

  • developing the concept of management and ownership in family businesses;
  • implementation of thoughtful and effective solutions to maintain business continuity and functionality as well as property security;
  • improvement of the existing organization in terms of family and managerial order;
  • assistance in introducing safe succession mechanisms.

DEVELOPS A COHERENT SECURITY SYSTEM ensuring not only the administrative “immortality” of the company


Together with K-SURE, we provide a comprehensive support at the time of executing international transactions due to which the Polish market gains advantage. We help to obtain the necessary import insurance due to which the forwarding business, especially of entities cooperating on international markets, proves to be safe.​

Kodi Tech Sp.z o.o.

Kodi Tech appears when the entrepreneur has a certain need but does not have enough money to buy machines or equipment. Kodi Tech also forms a solution for those who could buy the equipment but appreciate the advantages of short and long term lease. Kodi Tech offers innovative financial agency services between the supplier of fixed assets and the buyer who wants to expand the possibilities of the company.

Due to its individual approach to each client and simple procedures, Kodi Tech is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs and forms a competition for banks.


Debtus is a debt collection company specializing in the collection of receivables associated with international trade. They are experts in international B2B cases. They operate in 145 countries in the world. They support Polish and foreign companies in the process of recovering receivables. Their vision is supported by knowledge and many years of experience in international debt collection and a network of proven partners. The global perspective of this activity promotes diversity and respect for different ways of working and, at the same time, facilitates access to the highest quality debt collection services for all participants of both international and local market as well as state administration.

Izba Gospodarcza Gazownictwa

The Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry (IGG)

The Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry (IGG), established in 2003, represents the economic interests of its member companies, inter alia, vis-à-vis the national authorities, local authorities and social, scientific and economic institutions, as well as foreign bodies and institutions, including the EU.
The IGG participates in the development and amendment of legal acts relevant to the gas industry.
The IGG develops industry-specific expert opinions, analyses and studies to assist in the development of strategic energy market programmes. Thematic expert teams have been established for that purpose.
The Good Practice Group has developed the “Code of Good Practice for Investor-Contractor Relations in the Gas Industry”. The Code is a set of rules and regulations necessary for proper cooperation of the parties in the process of investment preparation and implementation.
The key area of interest for IGG experts is the European Green Deal – an action plan for a sustainable and zero-emission economy of the European Union.
The IGG organises training courses, conferences and symposia. The most important of these are the Congress of the Polish Gas Industry and the Gas Technology Fair Expo-Gas, organised jointly with Targi Kielce.
IGG undertakes activities in the field of technical safety and occupational safety. This is dealt with by the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) established in 2007.
IGG is the organiser of MBA studies, conducted in cooperation with GFKM and a French validating institution.
IGG is the publisher of “Przeglad Gazowniczy”, a quarterly magazine published since 2004.
The Arbitration Court and the Economic Mediation Centre operate at IGG.

Crafted Outcomes

Crafted Outcomes is an entity that helps companies to enter the market. In cooperation with the Clients, they design and implement solutions tailored individually to specific actions. Crafted Outcomes is a knowledge provider, it provides mentoring programmes, helps to find the right employees and optimises costs. In combination with legal services of Brillaw law firm, it will guarantee your success on international markets.


Our Clients can always rely on us and gain a competitive edge by acting locally, nationally and globally. There are no limits for us. With your goal in mind, we cooperate with trusted translators, experts and law firms in the world.