About us

Many companies which introduce themselves on their websites and in information materials say that people are the most important to them. We would like to be original, but… we cannot because people are the most important here.

Brillaw is not a company, it is primarily a team. A team of a dozen experienced lawyers, perfectly prepared to provide comprehensive legal services for every type of business activity. Since 2000, we have been providing legal services to Polish and foreign entrepreneurs under the name of Brillaw with particular emphasis on the infrastructure sector.

The rapidly changing reality of the Polish economy and even more rapidly changing legal framework within which it functions, make business people need intelligent and, as young people say, vigilant legal support. And this support is called Brillaw. The name is English because we provide legal services in Polish and English.

Many companies which introduce themselves claim to be distinguished by their innovativeness and unconventional approach to each Client. We are wondering if we could bring a plagiarism case against these companies 🙂

About us

The coherence of universal values and responsible actions forms a strong motivation in our daily work with the Clients. We create an environment in which innovation and experience allow us to perform the most demanding tasks.

This comprehensive approach to the Client allows us to see a man on the threshold of digital revolution in him or her. Due to this fact we have to be open even more than ever to studying and critical thinking. We have to be persistent, entrepreneurial and we must take responsibility for others. Human touch is our motto.

Robert Mikulski
Managing Partner