The law is to be associated with big three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles.

The law is not a list of provisions but a system in which one provision overlaps with several others. However, unlike the jigsaw puzzles, there must be blocks that fit together and are not adjacent at all.

And that is the hardest part. The commercial law, labour law, copyright law, (…) law relate to each other at every step. Most of (?) cases we conduct, especially for companies, go far beyond one area of law.

To do this well, we cooperate with each other, we consult, we talk. We try not only to say what is compliant with law and what is not but also to offer solutions. We not only fulfil orders but also anticipate and fulfil them.

This is the idea for our law firm. WE WILL HELP YOU WITH LEGAL ISSUES! YOU ONLY HAVE TO FIND US!


There are countries and cultures in the world where virtually every citizen has his or her own lawyer. Why?

Because from birth to the end of life, every day, we are faced with a variety of legal problems. The law applies to everything we do, what we buy, what we watch and listen to, what we sign, etc. There are so many legal issues that even experienced lawyers know only a certain area of law well.

Therefore, everyone should have its own trusted lawyer. And it would be the best to always have him or her with you. Due to the fact that this could be difficult and sometimes embarrassing, a verified phone contact should be sufficient.



There are many good lawyers. But what should your lawyer be?
Above all, you must trust him. You entrust him with your problems and your intentions. Even your friends do not know as much about your private life as he does. He must be the first to know your professional plans and business ideas which you do not want to tell anyone else. He knows almost as much about your company as you do.
Therefore, he should not only believe you but also believe in you and in your ideas, just as you believe in them.
Your lawyer must like you, so that he can really care about your problems and then enjoy your success. And you should like him because it is difficult to trust someone you do not like.
In our law firm we like our Clients and we do our best so they could like us.