Kamil Bełżek


He is a graduate of postgraduate studies in new technology law and intellectual property law. He prepares, verifies and issues opinions on business agreements, including IT implementation contracts or licence agreements.

He conducts court cases related to broadly understood civil law (contract law, property law) and administrative law.

He effectively defended the interests of representatives of the construction, financial, music, life-sciences and technology sectors. He also represented natural persons – among others, before the Supreme Administrative Court in a dispute with the President of the Public Procurement Office over the disclosure of complaints filed by that body against decisions of the National Appeals Chamber.

Kamil Bełżek

passionate about litigation and music

In my free time I prefer to deal with cultural goods although some consider my musical fascinations to be outdated. I sometimes hear the following comments: “this is what people listened to 50 years ago”. Well, maybe half a century ago people just had better taste, at least when it comes to music.