Andriy Tsyaputa

Marketing & Business Development Manager

For over 8 years he has been dealing with communication and marketing in business and NGOs. For 4 years manage projects in the area of cooperation between businesses and NGOs. He has extensive experience in developing and implementing business and marketing strategies, creating new projects and activities, building and caring for the brand of organizations, conducting broadly understood communication, organizing and coordinating business events and workshops, establishing, and conducting cooperation with partners. Ambitious, professional, and open to challenges. At work, he is guided by a strategic approach, assertive and well-organized. He studied at the University of Warsaw, Northeastern Illinois University, and London School of Public Relations.


Andriy Tsyaputa

exploring himself & the world

I have many ideas and plans, which I try to implement successively. I keep an eye on the order and organize the processes I’m involved in. To-do lists, calendars, tables, and mind maps are my daily helpers. I struggle with my perfectionism, rush forward, and try to be efficient in what I do. I love to travel, explore other cultures, and meet new people. I am passionate about skiing and running. I like to spend my free time walking with my beloved dog Otis 🙂