Anna Dziedziejko-Berger


Attorney-at-law with many years of business experience. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw. She gained her professional experience as a legal advisor working for international corporations, including those from the FMCG and automotive industries, as well as providing services to Polish companies from the trade and manufacturing sector.

An experienced practitioner and lecturer, for more than 10 years cooperating with the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw, where she conducts classes for trainee legal advisers and legal advisers. An experienced negotiator and advisor in relations with social partners. Specialises in handling projects in the field of RODO and labour law, including trade union law. Coordinator of projects in the field of RODO implementation and risk management. Represents the interests of entrepreneurs on the forum of nationwide organisations and institutions ( POHID, Lewiatan, PKPP). Provides legal services in Polish and English.


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Anna Dziedziejko-Berger

avid lover of boxing, music and new experiences

I am full of passion and energy, I love to take full advantage of life. My heart beats to the rhythm of songs by Wojciech Młynarski, whose lyrics reflect my approach to life – full of reflection, humour and emotions. I am also an avid boxing fan. I value the discipline, determination and strength that this sport develops in me. My life is a combination of music, sport and the constant search for new experiences that make my everyday life special.