Małgorzata Macias

of consuel

She is a graduate of the Postgraduate Academy of Business Coaches organized by the Institute for Business Development and Kozminski University in Warsaw as well as the Postgraduate Studies in Company Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

For years, she has been supporting family businesses in the process of generational change by shaping succession awareness. and searching for additional areas of agreement in order to broaden the benefits that both parties may gain as a result of mutual talks and mediation.

In collaboration with clients, she provides an unbiased, opinionated view of the situation to spot problems and make necessary changes.

Develops customized solutions to meet individual needs. He helps build a vision for the future and develops comprehensive integrated plans to achieve goals.

In addition, he is a specialist in combining solutions from many areas of succession into a coherent service of family and business security in the event of death, in particular in introducing concepts for securing property rights based on his own developed standards of succession consulting, covering all important planning levels for his client.



Małgorzata Macias

In love with the Arboretum, amber lover, enchanted by the beauty of this world

In love with the Arboretum, a lover of amber, enchanted by the beauty of this world and the Magic of Existence, on a never-ending, exciting journey of life – a journey into herself in search of the source. She has an inner respect for her own path and her own search. She is a lucky girl – she has learned the power of true, steadfast friendship above all else.