Rafal Kaszubski


Full-time law student at the University of Warsaw. Involved member of the board of the Sports Law Academic Circle “Ius et Sport”, and in previous years also of the Academic Circle of Tax Law and the Student Government. He has gained professional experience primarily by preparing legislative monitoring for the Polish Bank Association, but he is also familiar with the work in an accounting office. In terms of law, he is primarily interested in sports law, business law and tax law, but he also sees his future in contract law and labor law.

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Rafal Kaszubski

passionate about sports and music

The biggest motivation for me is family, with them that I want to develop and fulfil myself. I devote my free moments primarily to following the world of football, but I also enjoy spending time on walks, bike trips, books or listening to music. With music I relax the best, start and end each day.