real property

Comprehensive tax services for real property transactions and investments.
Legal and tax audit of real property and special purpose vehicle owning the real property.
Support in:

  • commercial real property purchase and sale transactions,
  • real property lease transactions regarding office, commercial, industrial, hotel and entertainment real properties – on the part of the lessor and the lessee,
  • financing the acquisition and development of real property – on the part of the clients, the sponsors and the financing entities.
  • real property management cases (asset management),
  • tenders for construction works as well as negotiation and performance of construction agreements,

Representation in administrative as well as court and administrative proceedings concerning permits for project implementation.
Drawing up agreements regarding construction works, infrastructure and easements concluded with the authorities, media suppliers and neighbours in connection with the implementation of construction projects.
Representation in court and arbitration disputes concerning real property and construction agreements.

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real property