Karolina Bonarska-Lenarczyk


She has over 14 years of experience gained, among others, in state administration at the Civil Aviation Office and in cooperation with law firms in Warsaw and Wrocław.

She specialises in broadly defined civil law. She issues opinions, draws up and prepares civil law agreements. She advises the Clients in the scope of current issues related to their business.

She effectively represents the Clients in court and court and administrative proceedings, including during negotiations leading to an amicable conclusion of the case.

She has extensive experience in disputes concerning the failure to perform or improper performance of agreements concluded between entrepreneurs, disputes over payment, and transmission easement.

Aviation law and copyright law remain within the scope of her interests.

PhD student of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Author of many scientific publications on real property law and copyright.

Author of the blog: www.kreatywnybloglawyera.pl

Karolina Bonarska Lenarczyk Bg

Karolina Bonarska-Lenarczyk

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