Karolina Klimek-Kazmierczyk


Karolina specialises in public procurement law.

She participated in projects involving verification of tender documentation, both on the part of the ordering party and the contractor. She prepares appeals to the National Appeals Chamber and complaints against the Chamber’s decisions as well as represents parties in proceedings before the Chamber.

She is the author of publications on public procurement law.

He provides counselling services and participates in court proceedings in the field of, inter alia, labour, commercial and civil law.

She provided legal services to local government units, e.g. in the field of public procurement and administrative law.

She completed postgraduate studies in public procurement law at Maria-Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Karolina Klimek

Karolina Klimek-Kazmierczyk

mountains, books and tennis

If you don’t see the way ahead of you, mark out and create your own!

This is my life motto. In my free time… I go to the mountains in summer. They allow me to get a new perspective regarding my everyday life. In winter I read books that stimulate the work of the mind. No matter the season I play tennis. Playing tennis improves the mood and keeps it at the right level; it teaches tactics, self-discipline and perseverance. And this is also very useful outside the court.